Eligibility : 10 + 2 (any discipline with 50%)
Duration : 3 Years (6 semesters)

a) To create for the students of University of Mumbai an additional avenue of self employment also to benefit the industry by providing them with suitable trained persons.
b) To prepare students to exploit opportunities being newly created in the management profession.
c) To provide adequate basic understanding about management education among the students.
d) To give an adequate exposure to operational environment in the field of management.
e) To inculcate training in the use of modern technology for the benefit of all parties concerned.

a) Curriculum is revised & updated by the University of Mumbai from time to time & new concepts are incorporated in order to enrich with current affairs.
b) Committed faculty members including professionals from outside industry.
c) On the job training in the form of industrial visits on which projects are supposed to be prepared by students.
d) Fully equipped computer lab with internet accessibility for students and computerized library.
e) Case studies linking with theoretical studies to practical problems faced by industries which propels students for interaction & develops a sense of social and corporate responsibility.
f ) Practical exposure to industry practices takes place through a variety of activities like management development programs, seminars, workshop etc.


F.Y.B.M.S. (1st Year)
Semester - I Semester - II
1 Foundations of Human Skills
2 Introduction to Financial Accounts
3 Business Law
4 Business Statistics
5 Business Communication
6 Principles of Management
7 Introduction to Computers
1 Business Environment
2 Computer Application in Business
3 Managerial Economics - I
4 Business Mathematics
5 Industrial Law
6 Introduction to Cost Accounting
7 Environmental Management.

Proposed structure for B.M.S. curriculum - S.Y. and T.Y.
BMS (Sem. III To Sem. VI)
Specialization to be offered to Learners from Sem. III onwards Finance or Marketing or Human Resource Management


Proposed Courses to be offered under New System

Semester Course Title

Compulsory Courses
1. Managerial Economics - II
2. Principles of Marketing
3. Accounting for Managerial Decisions
4. Organization Behaviour and HRM

Any one Elective group to be selected bythe learner
Finance Group - Electives
1. Consumer Behaviour
2. Strategic Management
Marketing Group - Electives
1. Basics of Financial Services
2. Corporate Finance
Human Resource Group - Electives
1. Recruitment and Selection
2. Motivation and Leadership


Compulsory Courses
1. Business Planning and Entrepreneurial Management
2. Business Research Methods
3. Direct Taxes
4. Production and Total Quality Management
Any one Elective group to be selected bythe learner
Finance Group - Electives
1. Advanced Costing and Auditing
2. Equity and Debt Market
Marketing Group - Electives
1. Integrated Marketing Communication and Advertising
2. Rural Marketing
Human Resource Group - Electives
1. Training and Development in HRM
2. Change Management


Compulsory Courses
1. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
2. Ethics and Governance
3. Project work
Any one Elective group to be selected by the learner
Finance Group - Electives
1. Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
2. Commodity and Derivatives Market
3. Wealth Management
4. Strategic Financial Management
Marketing Group - Electives
1. Services Marketing
2. E-Commerce and Digital Marketing
3. Sales and Distribution Management
4. Customer Relationship Management
Human Resource Group - Electives
1. Finance for HR Professionals & Compensation Management
2. Strategic Human Resource Management & HR Policies
3. Performance Management and Career Planning
4. Industrial Relations.


Compulsory Courses
1. Operation Research
2. Indian Ethos in Management
3. Corporate Communication and Public Relations
Any one Elective group to be selected by the learner
Finance Group - Electives
1. Risk Management
2. International Finance
3. Innovative Financial Services
4. Project Management
Marketing Group - Electives
1. Brand Management
2. Retail Management
3. International Marketing
4. Media Planning and Management
Human Resource Group - Electives
1. HRM in Global Perspective
2. Organizational Development
3. HRM in Service Sector Management
4. Human Resource Planning and Information System